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Judy Whitted Biagas' memories of Highland Beach go back decades.  


Ms. Biagas recalls there was a time

Judy w Friends.jpg

when there were no addresses on the houses, when phone lines were "party lines", and ice cream cost a dime. And much more painfully, she remembers the segregation in Annapolis.


In her Porch Story she also shares the enduring friendships that began at the beach.

Greg Gwaltney began coming to Venice Beach as a young boy.


His grandfather's love and attention is one thing that he will cherish forever. 


In his Porch Story Mr. Gwaltney shares family photos and tells the story of how he came to live full time in Venice Beach.


We are committed to promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the life and work of Frederick Douglass and his family. In addition, the museum seeks to identify, document, and preserve the social and cultural histories of Highland Beach and Venice Beach.

Through dedicated all-volunteer teams of the board of directors and museum docents, we strive to make these resources available for information and research. Click here to Contact Us.


This summer community on the bay was founded in 1893 by Charles Remond Douglass, the youngest son of Frederick Douglass.

Its rich history is recalled by long-time residents. To see these videotaped "Porch Stories" and to learn more about the founding of Highland Beach and Venice Beach, Click Here.


The collection includes items from Frederick Douglass' estate, the Douglass family who enjoyed summers on the bay, and from families in Highland Beach and Venice Beach. See the Collection.



The FDMCC is currently videotaping a series of stories of life at "the Beach." Taped on the porches of the museum or the resident's home, these recollections from long-time citizens offer a unique view of two very special communities, Highland Beach and Venice Beach. 

Porch Stories are an Anthony A. Smoot production.