Search Launches During Black Philanthropy Month

The Frederick Douglass Museum and Cultural Center (FDMCC) is pleased to announce our new website. was developed over the past year to provide an overview of the museum and tell the story of the founding of Highland Beach, Venice Beach, and the Douglass family in Highland Beach.

The website was designed with the flexibility to expand and grow as the museum enhances its offerings. We remain dedicated to our mission: promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the life and work of Frederick Douglass and his family. In addition, the museum seeks to identify, document, and preserve the social and cultural histories of Highland Beach and Venice Beach.

The website is one of several initiatives for the museum. They include:

  • Updating and enhancing the current exhibits and collections

  • Developing educational and enrichment programs, including the oral histories video project, which is currently in production

  • Working to bring new and unique exhibits, such as the "History of the American Tennis Association," a traveling exhibit that has direct connections to Highland Beach

  • Continuing to grow and expand the website and other online channels

At Highland Beach and neighboring Venice Beach, we lay claim to a community that for generations has celebrated the accomplishments of African Americans. Our history is rich with legendary leaders and accomplishments who warrant acknowledgement.

We are particularly privileged to have the Frederick Douglass Museum and Cultural Center within our community.

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